Monitorr is an online service that provides exception tracking for your .NET Web applications. It allows you to easily log all you application errors, and troubleshoot them in one location.

Track and understand your application errors. Simple and free.

Proactive monitoring

Move from reactive to proactive real-time log monitoring and view app performance, system behavior, and unusual activity across the stack.

Monitor key resources and metrics, and eliminate small issues before they turn into big problems.

Data analysis

Analyze and visualize your errors by creating an individual log for each of your application.

View log activity in graphical way and see extensive details for each logged error.


All you errors are securely logged via SSL.

Monitorr is running on AWS infrastructure which includes a wide range of security features by default.

Know when things break

Get notifications via email, when new errors occur or old ones resurface.

Know what’s breaking without waiting for user reports.

Easy to use

Easy to setup and use. Just install Monitorr nuget package and enter your app LogId.

You will have access to errors happening in you application in no time.

Team collaboration

Building and running complex systems requires tight coordination between your team members.

Invite you team members to each individual logs for more control over you application.